The Environment Set Aside For You

Neil Vermillion —  October 13, 2015 —  Comments

So know and understand these are days of pressing you to new levels of advancement, moving you past where you were yesterday. I am continuing to raise the bar in your life regardless of where you find yourself presently. For you have continued to follow me over the years, and you have learned what I have put before you. But you have still not arrived to your final destination. And so I am continuing to move you closer and closer, further and further, to guide you and bring you to the place of fruition according to my plans for your life.

So as you see yourself continuing to be challenged understand I am orchestrating these challenges in your life to help you grow. I am moving you past the comfort zone of yesterday, in order to bring you to a higher competency for tomorrow. So as you see the safety tape previously surrounding your boundaries being removed, understand you are now moving past the preliminary stages of training, into the maturity of the call I’ve placed upon you.

For I have marked you with a set purpose. I have marked you with a specific call. I have destined within you to accomplish certain tasks in order to display the glorious good news of the works of my son. And you will be my messengers, and you will be my ambassadors. You will demonstrate and speak of the good news that has been freely given to all. But I have put a specificity upon you, and in you. I have given you each a unique skill set, and a unique fingerprint in which you will carry, demonstrate, and distribute this message. So as you see the walls and fences previously surrounding you being removed, know I am removing these boundaries in order to launch you into the environment I’ve set aside for you.

And you will dive in and swim in the depths of the newness and adventure I’ve marked before you. And though you will be challenged you will also enjoy these new realms. For there is so much newness in store for you and you will find your deepest delight. You will imbibe of the wine of my joy, and the hope of my spirit. And you will overcome your obstacles and see them as small in comparison to the glory set within you, even that which has been hidden within you. So as you continue to dive in, and continue to explore, you will discover joy unspeakable as I continue to pour, again and again, the revelation of who I am, and who you are in me, upon you.

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