The Fellowship Of My Rest

Neil Vermillion —  October 28, 2015 —  Comments

Even in your pursuit you will find rest. Even though you are required to work and to accomplish, there is still rest available to your heart, mind, and soul. Do not work yourself into a place of exhaustion, burnout, or despair. For as you encounter me, you will learn to abide in, and enjoy the place of, satisfaction, peace, and rest, even in the middle of your work and waiting.

For the waiting is very real. There is timing and alignment and seasons all coinciding together according to timelines. But even though waiting is very real it is not necessary to wait for future events to experience my rest and peace and commune together with me. You have direct access to this even right now. So while waiting is part of the path in order for things to grow and mature and develop, understand you do not have to wait to talk and fellowship with me and, enter into my rest and my peace.

For the Work is also very real. There are specific goals and specific events that will take place and be accomplished. And there is a very real labor set before you. But this labor does not earn your relationship with me, for I have given this to you already. I have made myself available to you already. So understand, while there is work for you to do, and purpose within you, and assignments given, you are already planted within me, abiding in the vine, with no concern of being cut off.

And as you grow and embrace the work and learn to embrace and cooperate with the timing, you can do so from the place of my rest, joined with me in fellowship and perfect harmony together. You can exist, and grow, and mature, and advance from the place of my peace, the peace I have already provided you.

And this place of peace and rest will sustain you. It will protect you from despair, and prevent you from strife that will burn you out. So enter in and remain, confident I will embrace you, welcome you, and enjoy you as we fellowship together in my rest.

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