The Fruit I Have Always Intended For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you continue to sit with me, and receive my counsel time and time again, you will see the significant growth you heart desires to manifest. There is a righteous desire within you to fully express what I have planted within your imagination. There is a desire to not just dream about it, but to pursue it, to materialize it, and to develop it as well. As you continue to seek my counsel, and allow my spirit to guide and instruct you, I will give you the strategy and understanding how to advance and proceed day by day, as well as year by year. So with this you will adapt and change according to your present environment and results, but also in accordance with activities and experiences yet to come. (1)

I will give you so many specific insights you will not be able to count or remember them all. I will give you details, each having significance in your life for the here and now, not only for the distant future. I will impact your heart and mind for the short term, so you will not starve for provision while you continue to grow and mature, while you allow the process already initiated in your life to take its course and deliver its intended results. (2)

And with this, the desires of your heart, the full manifestation of the vision placed within your imagination will begin and continue to materialize in your reality. What I have shown you as a precursor will begin to manifest, but also develop as you continue to engage with me and remain responsive to my guidance and direction. You will see it come to pass the seeds planted within your mind, the blueprints hidden within your heart, and the desires of your inner most being, continue to emerge as I break them open and call them forth. (3)

For you have made yourself available to me. You have chosen to hear my voice, but also to follow my lead. So know with this choice of your lifestyle, I will surely speak to you and make all things clear before you. I will guide by means of concept and ideals, but also within the dirty details of the day as well. I will speak to you and instruct you, but I will also prepare your understanding so you are able to possess these things for yourself, and truly innovate and create as a result.

Know these deep desires of your heart, though painful and uncomfortable to carry at times, are good and worthwhile. Know these desires will not be frustrated forever, but will be satisfied as you continue to remain patient, allowing my process, my timing, and my guidance in your life continue to materialize and produce the fruit I have always intended for you. (4)

(1) Psalm 33:11
(2) Psalm 139:17-18, Philippians 4:19
(3) Matthew 13:31-32
(4) Psalm 42:7

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