The Fruition Of My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 22, 2016 —  Comments

For there is so much more for you than you know – not just in terms of quality or quantity, but also in depth of detail and newness too. There are so many new and wonderful delights yet to be revealed, and I am eager to reveal them all to you. And it is with great anticipation and excitement I mention these things to you now. It is with enthusiasm of generosity I desire to share my heart with you and make all things known to you.

For what I have for you will surpass your expectations. What I have for you will more than surprise you, more than delight you, more than amaze you, and I am so happy to share it all with you. You do not share my excitement because you do not know. You are not filled with the same joy, anticipation, and exuberance as I am because you have not seen the glory, nor the splendor, of all that’s in store for you.

And if you saw it now you would not comprehend it. You would not be able to apprehend its magnitude, its complexity, its intricacies, its wonderment and incredible majesty and splendor. For today you see pictures, icons, and symbols. You see representations and images. You see through the glass darkly, but not clearly, not fully, not entirely accurately. But tomorrow you will see with your own eyes. You will see in its fullness and glory. You will see it, know it, understand it, and appreciate it.

So sit back and allow me to give you insights of the glory in store for you. Allow me to show you dimly, all that is before you. Allow me to show you, and demonstrate to you, my glorious riches and the wonder and delight of what it all means. For you will be surprised and amazed. You will be captivated and mesmerized, and will so quickly forget your diversions and distractions as you open yourself to my story, to my spirit, to my pictures and my beauty. You will forget all these things as you behold the grandeur of my splendor and the fruition of my plans for you.

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