The Full Satisfaction Of A Race Well Run

Neil Vermillion —  July 5, 2018 —  Comments

Know that in your journey with me you will surely receive your full reward, not only in part today, but also in its fullness yet to come. For I see the difficulty, stress, and sacrifice of your heart and mind. I see the pressures of the day and how they tax you to your limits. I see the confusion within your heart and mind, and the uncertainty that arises as a result. I see all these things, and even more, and acknowledge the difficulty you encounter. So allow me to renew your heart as I affirm my promises to you. Allow me to renew your strength, as I cast vision before your eyes. Allow me to remind you what your heart and spirit already know. Allow me to refresh your memory of the truth and glory yet to be fully revealed, yet to fully manifest.

Walk with me in your times of great difficulty, hurt, and heartache, for as you do you will surely encounter me in meaningful ways. You will come to see what I have for you, and will do so again and again, especially when you are in dire straits. There is no doubt you will surely encounter difficulty. You will encounter stress, resistance, persecution, and all sorts of hindrances in this world, but take heart, for while these things are real, I have already overcome them all for my love and great sacrifice for you is also very real. (1)

I have made a way within the dire straits where there seems to be no way possible. I have made a solution where previously there was none. I have made possibilities where only impossibilities existed. So do not look to what your eyes can see as permanent, but understand what is unseen is what is truly permanent, truly lasting, truly eternal. Look past these things in the here and now, and look to what I will show you and reveal to you in the moment. (2)

But also know even in the difficulty and unpleasant encounters, I am with you still. I am with you in all things and our fellowship together through them all is not without effect. Our relationship and union together has already made great strength, hope, power, and courage readily and instantly available to you. And you will by no means be disappointed, for I have given you my Holy Spirit with you, and within you. You will certainly receive the full satisfaction of a life well spent, a race well run, and will enjoy not only the end result and final destination, but also the process and journey along the way. (3)

(1) John 16:33
(2) 2 Corinthians 4:18
(3) Matthew 28:20, 1 Corinthians 15:10, Romans 5:5

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