The Fullness Of My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  September 12, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to sit before me, allowing my spirit to influence you heart, allowing your mind to think upon the things I have given you, know I will continue to nurture what I have started within you. For though you see it start small, know it will not finish small. Though you see it incomplete, know I am committed to its completion. For I have not planted a thing within you, I have not started a thing within you, only to abandon it, only to forget and neglect it.

For these are my plans for you. These are the things I have desired for you to accomplish. These are the visions I have given you to show you your path, so you can walk in clarity and confidence all your days. These are my plans and my desires for you, and this is my will for your life. So do not think I will forget you, or abandon you, for you are worth much more than many sparrows.

So when you are feeling foggy, uncertain of the direction of your life, remember I will continue to guide you and point you in the right direction. Though you will not always recognize my leadership in your life, and though you will not always understand what I am doing, I will continue to guide and direct you step by step, even when you least expect it or comprehend it.

I see your path, I remember where you are from. I know where you are heading. And with all these things in consideration I guide you as I illuminate your path. And though you do not see or understand every step you take, know I am supremely aware of even the littlest of details. I have analyzed all angles, and have considered the end from the beginning and am working with all these things in mind.

When you are feeling unsure or uncertain about the timing of your life, rest in my hand and trust in my perfect plan. For I have not only seen your direction, but have also seen the schedule and the timing needed for it all to be accomplished. So do not fear arriving early. Do not fear arriving late, for you will miss nothing. You will not be neglected, overlooked, or left behind. For I am the Good Shepherd, willing to lay down my life for my sheep. And if I know the number of the hairs on your head, though this is a small detail, certainly I will not forget your destination, nor forget it’s appointed time.

And through it all I will surprise you. Through it all I will delight you. You will experience the surprise of my goodness and extravagant nature of my affections for you. You will be delighted and satisfied beyond your capacity to comprehend or imagine. And though you have an idea, you see it only dimly, you see it only partially, as only a glimpse, only a mere shadow. And when your eyes behold the fullness and fruition of my plans for you, your heart will explode for you will not be able to take it all in. You will not be able to contain all the joy and bliss you will experience as you encounter the fullness of my plans for you.

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