The Fulness Of My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 12, 2015 —  Comments

These are the days in which I am pouring out my message and filling the mouths of my messengers. And many who have remained silent will begin to speak. And many who have lost their zeal will find it has been rekindled. And many who have lost their faith, will now begin to find it. And those who have lost their first love, will return to it. For these are the days in which I am expanding and increasing. And I am moving throughout the Earth, in preparation for the return of my son.

So as you feel my spirit tugging at your heart, speaking to you, whispering in your ear, do not harden your heart. Do not make yourself busy. Do not create and hide behind excuses. For I am calling out to you, to come and meet me in the plane of your calling. And in this plane your greatest talents and greatest gifts will be revealed and displayed. And my boldness will be upon you and you will move and accomplish, though there will still be much resistance ahead of you.

For I have given you great and mighty tools. I have given you great and mighty talents. And in these days you will set out to achieve all I’ve called you to do, and you will be all I’ve called you to be. And in these days you will begin to come alive. You will deny yourself, and come alive unto me. And you will forget your former way of living, with all its drivel and boring distractions. You will become awakened to a new life, a life by my spirit in which you will begin to taste of the divine and supreme joys and pleasures set apart for you.

So as your new appetites continue to grow, do not hinder them. Do not deny them, but follow them. As I continue to stir your talents within you, understand this is my doing in this season and in this hour. And you will see it come to pass, your fulfillment of your greatest desires of the fulness of my plans for you.

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