The Goodness Of The Father’s Heart

Neil Vermillion —  February 6, 2019 —  Comments

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I am revealing myself to you, and continuing to do so, for it is my desire for you to know me as your father. It is my desire for my goodness to shine before you. It is my desire to reveal my goodness, my nature, and the very essence of my heart to you. There are many who do not yet know me face to face, though this is the very thing their heart cries for. There are many who still hold accusation towards me in their hearts, and this is the very thing I want to confront and correct. In knowing my heart and nature, your hearts will be liberated to enjoy the very things put before you even this day, regardless what they may be. So in all these things know and trust I am working to reveal the goodness of my nature to you now, and forever more. (1)

My heart towards you is good. My plans for you are good. My timing in releasing and revealing all these things for you is also good. There are many ways in which I could choose to do things and to communicate with you, but know and trust I am choosing the optimal timing in which to move. With the understanding of my timing, you will see the motivation of my heart behind the actions, and you will understand the goodness of the times and seasons, and how they all work together. (2)

There is a mystery yet to be revealed to you, hidden within my timing. There is greater understanding of my nature that will be revealed to those who are willing to knock on the door of my time table so that the door revelation may be opened up to them. (3)

There is also a goodness in the things that are hidden. Those who are willing to go the extra mile will surely get an extra reward for doing so. And yes, some things are hidden so only the hungry will find them. Some things will be revealed only to those who are curious and will not be satisfied with convenient answers. Likewise, there is a goodness and an additional blessing in store for those willing to hunt and search past the superficial to find me in the depths, willing to risk it all in order to go deep. (4)

Even though there is much revelation available to you today, there is still more to be revealed at a later time. While this is a mystery, you will marvel at the goodness of the timing as you continue to know me, understand me, follow me, and obey me. While there is a yearning within you to understand, trust my grace is with you to allow you to eat one bite at a time. There is no need to try to get it all at once, for I will assist and empower you to be able to do what you need to do in this moment, without fear of loss for what is yet to come. (5)

So trust in the goodness of my nature, the goodness of my heart towards you, the goodness of my timing, and yes even the goodness of the things that have been hidden from you as well.

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