The Great And Glorious Examination And Understanding Of What Is Unseen

Neil Vermillion —  April 3, 2018 — Leave a comment

Know you are presently experiencing the move of my spirit in your life as you engage with me in the supernatural desires I’ve placed within you. I have activated you already. I have called you to explore the depths of the unknown, the new, and the mysterious. I have invited you to walk in the midst of uncertainty, and confront what is being revealed to you in the moment, trusting in me every step of the way as you do. I have given you curiosity and appetite to taste what you have not before. I have given you capacity and tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty, and have done so in order to propel you forward in the exploration of, and with, my spirit. (1)

I have given you a propensity to hunger for more, especially in the depths of perceived mysteries not fully understood. Know in this movement of intrigue and curiosity I am guiding you. Know in this movement it is not your own desire, but my heart’s desire to reveal myself to you. Know it is not any kind of foolishness, nor folly, but the attraction of my greatness, power, and beautiful mystery that calls you forth. (2)

Do not hold yourself back. Do not repress and frustrate this desire within you. Do not be apprehensive; be productive. Do not be fearful; be confident. Do not be reluctant; rest in the assurance of all I have for you, and all awakening within you as I call you deeper and deeper into the unknown future. I am the originator of the understanding and solutions you already possess, and will continue to discover, and I am also the one calling you to go deeper. (3)

As you look to your own hands you will perceive your limits, and rightly so. You will observe your innate weakness and imperfections. But do not continue to place your emphasis, confidence, or security on these things, for these limits have never been the defining portion of the equation. Instead look to me, the author and perfector of your faith. Rest in me, but also trust in me. Put your hope and confidence not only in my hand, but also in my character, and in my heart for you. (4)

Walk with me in the revelation of the greater potential within you, the chaos and confusion of the day, and the mysteries continually being revealed. Walk with me as I inspire you to throw off your shackles and hindrances, and run with me into the undefined spaces as you explore the realms having no limits. Walk with me in the confidence I am with you in all things, and always will be, just as I always have been. Walk with me in the fullness of the great and glorious examination and understanding of what is unseen.

(1) 1 Peter 2:9, Ephesians 2:10, Proverbs 3:5-6
(2) Psalm 42:7
(3) Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 6:25-34, 1 Peter 5:7
(4) Hebrews 12:1-2, John 14:1

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