The Great Delight And Fulfillment I Have Always Intended For You

Neil Vermillion —  July 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

Believe me when I say I will not disappoint you. Although you will surely experience hardship and difficulty and disappointment in this world, understand in the long term, what I have for you ultimately will be so much more glorious, so much greater, so much beyond your own expectations and imaginations you will by no means be disappointed, not even slightly. (1)

I am setting you into the path you have longed to travel. I am allowing my wisdom to manifest within you, guiding your steps and directing your thoughts and focus. I am moving you circumstantially so you will be able to grow according to the call upon your life, but also so you will achieve and experience the lasting fulfillment of the challenges set before you.

You see your life as delicate and fragile, but you have not known my capacity to preserve and redeem. Do not hide in the shadows of fear or uncertainty, but break forth in response to the call of my spirit with reckless boldness. You will see my spirit move on your behalf. You will see my hand open doors of provision of opportunity for you. You will see I have placed you precisely where you need to be, and have inspired you to take meaningful action in response to it all.

So do not discount the plans of this day, though they seem trivial and worthless. Do not discount the experiences of the past, as though you have floundered around without cause, without purpose, or without results. Instead, understand what I am working within you, just like I always have and always will. What I have set into motion in your life is beyond what you could ask, dream, or imagine, and you will by no means be disappointed by it all.

Cast your care, worry, fear, and anxiety at my feet and allow me to carry these things on your behalf. Allow my greatness to overwhelm you, so you will no longer continue to see your fears and obstructions as big, powerful, or impossible. Allow my hope to flood your heart and mind so you will not look at yourself as incapable, but will remember you are more than victorious, more than a conqueror, more than able to accomplish and overcome all that is set before you this day. (2)

Through it all I will surely reveal my heart to you moment by moment. I will surely share with you all these things, for they matter, are important, and carry significance in their consequences. I will surely break open the limits of the past, and move you towards the great delight and fulfillment I have always intended for you.

(1) John 16:33, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Romans 8:28
(2) Romans 8:37

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