The Great Significance Of Small Details

Neil Vermillion —  February 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am showing you fine details in this present moment that previously you did not see, nor appreciate. For in your youth you were eager and impatient. You were in such a hurry you would not, and could not, take the time to listen to my words, nor receive or appreciate the details of what I was saying. But today is a different matter. You have grown. You have matured. You have acquired patience over the years. You now have the appreciation for details and their significance having a larger framework to draw from. So as you sit with me, continue to indulge the details I inspire with in you. For though they are small, they have great significance.

They have great significance not only in your understanding of today, but also in the manner in which they will continue manifest and bear fruit in your life again and again over the course of many years. So remember, if it is important enough for me to bring to your attention, it is important enough for you to consider, receive, and implement. I am not wasting your time, highlighting ideas, habits, and concepts that hold no real value. I am not occupying your finite resource and bandwidth in order to distract you and confuse you.

I am bringing these much needed interjections to your awareness in order to instruct, grow, and assist you. For you walk in blindness and stumble in confusion. I see your hurt, pain, and struggle so I respond with the guidance, instruction, and assistance you need in order for you to not only understand, but also to progress through the landscape of your present and future environment.

Remember these things as you hear my voice and feel the move of my spirit for what I am giving you is small in its initial inception. I present it to you smally so you will be able to receive it and manage it. If it were too big you would not be able to receive, grasp, or implement it without it crushing you. So pay attention and be especially mindful in the little details, in the small changes, in the gradual adjustment of where you are, what I am saying, and all I am revealing to you. For in these small things you will encounter signficiant growth as you continue to manifest the kingdom residing within you. (1)

(1) Luke 17:21

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