The Idols That Have Governed You

Neil Vermillion —  June 27, 2016 —  Comments

You get so tired and overwhelmed because you forget me so quickly. You work in your own strength, in your own power, according to your own efforts, and then tire yourself out. You work so hard, and forget me so quickly. You forget my peace. You forget my patience. You think I will suddenly come to you with anger and disappointment as if I have discovered something new about you and can not hold back my rage. But as you continue return to me time and time again you will find I am not angry with you. You will find I will uphold you. I will sustain you. I will comfort you and protect you. I will make your path clear and plain, and will also give you the vision and strength to pursue and accomplish it.

So when you are tired and feel you can no longer continue with the call placed upon your life, run away with me. Run away with me and I will hide you away from all the hurts and disappointments. I will hide you away from the terror and stress and hold you close. We will forget the troubles of the day, and remember them tomorrow. But for now, for today, we will rest in our embrace. We will share together and remember the wonder and beauty of the life we have together. We will celebrate the goodness and fellowship of our union, and we will not give any concern to the storms brewing on the horizon.

We will rest and recreate, and you will recuperate from the struggles that have weighed you down. I will renew your hope and surround you with kisses upon your forehead, and you will forget your fears, as you rest in the comfort and safety of my presence. For in our union together you will lack nothing. In recognizing our union and fellowship you will realize all things have been supplied to you already. You will realize more and more the magnitude of the wonder of what I have given you, the mystery of the cross, and the glorious riches at your fingertips.

And the troubles and distractions will fade away and you will forget their fragrance. You will acquire a new taste, a new sets of skills in which you will perfect your focus to things that matter most. And as you continue to absorb the beauty of the reality and truth I’ve revealed to you, your heart will continue to increase in its capacity for love. You will decrease in your capacity for fear, and will no longer concern yourself with the dogma and idols that have governed you in your past.

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