The Illusive And Intuitive Aspects Of You And I

Neil Vermillion —  May 2, 2018 —  Comments

As I comfort you in your times of despair and uncertainty I will simultaneously begin to birth new vision, hope, and optimism. My comfort will not disappoint you, but will empower you according to what I have in store for you not only today, but also for your future. I know you have hurts, but my comfort will allow those hurts to heal. My comfort will replace hurtful memories with hopeful anticipation. I know you have confusion from time to time, but my comfort will replace confusion with clarity. My comfort will spawn vision where vision is lacking, and will inspire direction when direction is not clear. (1)

So allow me to minister to you by my heart. For my heart is great, and so also is the fruit of engaging with my heart. For I will speak to your mind and offer my instruction to you, but I will also speak to your heart by my spirit, offering the full bounty of all that is included in your relationship and engagement with me.

In this you will absorb me moreso than you will understand me. You will be impacted by me even though you will not fully understand within your cognition what is transpiring. I will impress upon you and move within your heart, and do so gracefully, but unmistakably. And over the course of repeated encounter you will come to know me not just by the sound of my voice, but by my presence and the familiar aroma of my fragrance. For the knowledge and experience of my fragrance is accessible only through personal and intimate encounter. It is not accessed from a distance, or by proxy, but by one-on-one interaction through meaningful engagement and bonding together. My fragrance will only be known by what I give you by intimate experience, not by logical reason.

While there are many aspects, details, and components comprising who you are, know the aspects that are illusive and intuitive are also worthwhile and valuable. In the same manner, the many components, details, and aspects of who I am are also mysterious, yet undoubtedly distinct, subtle, and valuable, and are gained by face to face encounter. Though you may not be able to explain or fully process our interactions and engagements, particularly in the moment, they are valuable and worthwhile even still. (2)

(1) 2 Corinthians 1:4-5, Philippians 4:7
(2) 2 Corinthians 4:18

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