The Importance Of Failure

Neil Vermillion —  April 14, 2016 —  Comments

Understand many of the experiences you encounter have not been given to bring you from one victory to the next. Not all things have been given you to build your ego, or increase the wall of your trophies and accomplishments. Understand many experiences have been brought in order to train you, refine you, teach you, improve you, and expand you. So while you will ultimately walk in total victory, understand there will be failures along the way.

Do not hesitate to fail. Do not feel you are incorrect in your times of failure. For failure is a necessary part of your process, shaping not only your experience, but also your heart. It will be an essential tool to train and develop you. For though it is unpleasant, understand it is only temporary. Though failure is painful, it is mostly painful from a certain perspective. As you continue to abide with me and understand my perspective, you will look at your own process very differently, and will see failures as less and less painful.

For in my perspective your heart will no longer be able to be touched by these external things. You will see the value of the process working within you and value and appreciate it, regardless if you experience failure or not. Though this process may sound painful, understanding this will liberate you and set you free in so many valuable ways.

For you will be able to advance quickly, but you will also be able to do so without hindrance or fear of harm. For your fear of failure will no longer inhibit you as you continue to understand and accept the value of the long term process rather than the short term outcome.

There are many, many valuable lessons you will receive along our journey together. So keep your focus on these lessons. Keep your focus on the process. Keep your focus on my leadership. Keep your focus on who I am, and on who you are, and do not become confused or fearful because of the details you will encounter along the way.

And when you are in need, when you are in confusion, when you are in doubt, call to me and I will provide you with hope. I will give you an expanded vision, a more comprehensive perspective, which will spawn hope within you. And with this vision, and hope, you will understand who you are, where you are, and where we are going together. So as you reach out to me, I will not turn you away, but will draw you closer to my heart. And in this closeness you will experience the satisfaction of the ultimate fellowship you need and desire so deeply.

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