The Irrevocable Call Upon Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  January 19, 2016 —  Comments

And to those of you who have been called, to those of you who have been chosen, do not harden your hearts. Do not shrink back from the call upon your life in this moment. Do not be selfish in your desire to stay in the realm of what’s familiar to you. For the call upon your life is good. The call upon your life is true. The call upon your life is irrevocable and will never change regardless if you accept it or reject it.

So make yourself strong, and receive what I am saying and what I am doing. Allow yourself to cooperate with my spirit, and I will bring forth the greatness and beauty of my plans. And as it unfolds you will see how divinely you have been fashioned and woven together for this gift and call upon your life.

As this revelation continues to unfold many of your questions will be answered. Many of the hurts and trials and experiences spent in preparation will begin to make more sense to you. You will see and appreciate my handiwork, and you will know I am your God – The One Who Loves You.

So do not hide yourself from the call upon your life, but embrace it and acknowledge it. Acknowledge your past, because it has prepared you for today. Acknowledge the timing of where you are today, because it will move you to Tomorrow.

Delight yourself in me. Delight yourself in the person I have created you to be. Delight yourself in this moment, right where you are. For you are the person I have created and you are in the very moment I have appointed you to be. So embrace and acknowledge all I am doing, though you do not know and understand it all.

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