The Joy Of My Truth

Neil Vermillion —  September 1, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to seek me and come to know me, you will also come to see yourself, and the landscape of your territory very differently. You will see from my perspective more and more and observe and assess yourself by your own standards less and less. From my perspective you will see more righteously, more clearly, more accurately, less fuzzily. You will not see irrelevant defects and focus your energy upon them, but will see the important issues and put your energy towards them. You will see what matters most, as you understand what I value, and will apply this perspective in your own understanding of the person I have created you to be.

For you see yourself backwards. You look at yourself from your own limited perspective, full of personal preference and cultural bias. But as you sit with me and drink from the fountain of my joy, your perspective will be changed. For the joy of my truth will allow you to see and understand my values, and do so without fear or apprehension of how everything should work together.

And as you adopt my perspective you will also begin to function and operate from it. You will make decisions from it. You will make judgments from it. You will enjoy the joy of the truth of my perspective as you drink it in day after day. And as you do, the joy of my truth will intoxicate you and liberate you from your overly active mindset that desires to control and possess everything around you.

You will be liberated, able to enjoy and participate in what is presently unknown to you. For the security and stability I offer you will put your heart and mind at rest, in ease. And as you continue to drink from the joy of the truth of my perspective your world will be changed and transformed, as you observe and process your environment and reality differently. For sitting with me like this will not leave you the same. Abiding with me, imbibing of my joy will shape your heart and alter your perception of reality, but will do so in a permanent manner.

So offer yourself to me in the comfort of our fellowship together, and allow me to shape and change the perception of your present reality. Allow me to reveal my perspective to you so you will see yourself more and more closely the way I see you. Allow me to influence your heart, and your thoughts. Allow me to impress upon you that which is truly important as I continue to express my never-ending joy to you. Allow me to impress upon your heart that which does not matter, so you will be liberated from carrying its weight, giving it any thought or concern whatsoever.

For I will show you what to discard, and what to keep. I will show you what is true, and what is not. I will show you my heart, and you will never be the same. As you allow me to influence you, to shape you and impact your essence, you will gradually see things more closely the way I see them. And as you do, you will understand my heart and what I value with greater clarity, accuracy, and understanding.

As you see all these things through my eyes, you will no longer see yourself backwards. You will no longer assess yourself from a limited, inaccurate perspective. Your judgment will no longer be clouded by personal bias, or by the conventional wisdom of the day. You will see yourself finished. You will see your heart. You will see your talent. You will see your value and your worth, and you will no longer doubt my great love for you, nor the plans I have in store for your future.

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