The Joy Of Obedience

Neil Vermillion —  April 11, 2019 —  Comments

In the days soon coming there will be no more room for double-mindedness, for those whose hearts are divided, whose allegiance is split between two kingdoms. The idols presented before their vision are enticing, but they are weak in comparison to what I have in store for those who love me. The idols are logical, but they are inferior to my plans and will not sustain you. They will only deceive you and in the end, lead to your death. (1)

It is with this in mind, I am liberating minds and hearts from the idols of the land, culture, and generational traditions of this age. I am returning for those who love me with their whole heart and mind, with all they are, and all they possess – all their skills, time, talents, and money. (2)

There are mindsets and emotions of the heart active within my people presently that will need to be corrected, changed, and removed over time. Do not worry, fret, or fear for I am working behind the scenes to structure events to work together to accomplish my plans on this Earth, including the adjustment of issues of the hearts and minds of my people. (3)

Through these adjustments some will be offended, some will be deceived, and others will rebel. But there will be the remnant, those who will hear my voice and respond. They will follow, and lay down all they have for the sake of my kingdom. These are my Faithful Ones. These are the ones who will not only taste the reward in the age to come, but also in this life as well. We will partner together to accomplish all I have planned, and together we will walk hand in hand into days of great fulfillment and great adventure. (4)

So as you feel the tug of my spirit on your heart, realize I am stirring issues within you. Do not harden your hearts; do not close your ears; do not shut your eyes for I am standing at the door knocking. Let me in and we will talk and sup together, enjoying our company and fellowship together. The closeness we will share will be a great reward for you, but it will also correct you and inspire you, thus preparing your heart and mind for today, as well as what is still yet to come. (5)

Do not fear the call upon your life. Do not fear the call of my spirit upon your heart. Do not fear what appears to be extreme tasks required of you, the extreme sacrifices or extreme lengths to which you will be required to follow and obey. None of these will be lasting, but only temporary. They will last but for a second, and then they will be gone. The rewards, however will last for eternity. (6)

I am helping you today, by guiding and instructing you, but also by making my joy available to you so you can endure, but also thrive in your process of growth and development. I am awakening your hearts today, to experience my pure joy as a fruit of our fellowship, but also of your obedience. I am helping you hear, see, and feel me so you will be able to follow me. Do not delay, nor procrastinate. Simply surrender and allow yourself the joy of my obedience. (7)

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