The Knowledge And Experience Of My Perpetual Presence

Neil Vermillion —  June 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

You have felt my presence in the past, and have come to know me by it. But as you continue to engage with me in this season, you will surely come to experience and encounter my presence more and more frequently, and more and more fully. There is a desire within your heart to not only know me, but to experience me too. In my presence you will come to the awareness of how trivial your worries and fears truly are in comparison to my great and overwhelming love. So understand what I have for you is the revelatory and experiential knowledge of my presence, in which there is overwhelming joy, peace, and security.

You have heard it said I am with you always, but you have interpreted it to mean I am with you most of the time. You have heard it said, I will never leave you nor forsake you, but you have understood this to mean, I will only leave you occasionally. But as you encounter me, and experience my presence, your illogical and inconsistent theology spawned from fears, insecurities, and misunderstandings will all be blotted out. For what I have for you will trump all the feeble shadows displayed before your eyes. What I have for you will overpower and short circuit the stupid and unconscionable programs that have inspired unrighteous behaviors, habits, and attitudes. (1)

In my presence there is fullness of joy. In my presence you will surely come to not only know, but also experience, the hope, joy, peace, fulfillment, and security your heart cries out for. My presence will undo your erroneous thinking, not by means of concept or intellectual design or delivery, but by superimposing and revealing the truth of who I am, including the direct confrontation to the accusations commonly held within your own heart. (2)

Also know my presence will undo notions that have deceived you. My presence will undo habits and mindsets that have hindered you. My presence will eliminate and eradicate the shadows of your heart and mind, as I continue to illuminate the mysteries and presumptions that cloud your understanding and perception.

Do not be afraid to kill, and utterly destroy, the idols of your construction as I reveal my true and living self to you. I will show you who I really am, not the god you think me to be, and in my presence you will surely experience this true and living reality, and will do so continually and consistently, as you engage with me in the realms of joy forever more.

You will come to see and know my presence is with you, regardless where you are. My presence is with you regardless of favor or circumstances. My presence is with you in all things. Have I not said to you already I will never leave you, I will never forsake you? So if I am with you, does not my presence continue to remain with you in all things? (3)

Trust in me, though at times you feel you have no good reason to do so. Trust in what I am saying, but also trust in what I am revealing, for as you seek me you will find me, and as you listen you will surely hear me. As you observe my nature, my heart, and my spirit, you will surely come to enjoy yourself in the knowledge and experience of my perpetual presence. (4)

(1) Romans 12:2
(2) Psalm 16:11
(3) Psalm 139:8, Hebrews 13:5
(4) Matthew 7:7-8

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