The Liberty To Absorb What I Am Giving You In The Moment

Neil Vermillion —  July 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you experience what seems to be a delay, and what seems to be a complete redirection, do not allow disappointment to taint and contaminate your heart and perception. There are many pieces to the mosaic of your life, and while you have a knowledge and grasp many of them, there are also many you do not. So trust in me as I continue to guide you and even redirect you. Even though the experience of delay and redirection itself is not enjoyable in the moment, understand what is in store for you will more than satisfy you and will manifest as even better than you have previously known, understood, or presumed.

I know all too well, how this is easy to hear but not so easy to believe. It is easy to understand this in concept, but not so easy to apply it in practice in the moment. Walk with me in this assurance knowing not only am I guiding you, not only am I granting you knowledge of the revelation set before you, but also the emotional capacity to endure, to remain strong, and to abide in peace and joy along the way.

So with this assurance firmly fixed in the front of your mind your heart will not be troubled even when your circumstances are. Your peace will not be taken from you even when your expectations do not manifest. Your joy will sustain in spite of circumstances even in spite of the misunderstanding within your heart that gave way to joy. So rest and allow me to govern and guide your heart, as well as your physical circumstances, for I will move you kindly and directly, and will make myself available and accessible to you not only by means of intellectual and conceptual interaction, but also by my heart and spirit in ways that will prove to be most meaningful and valuable, even if you cannot fully identify, articulate, or understand while it is happening.

I am greater than you can fully process. The reality of our fellowship together is far greater than you can fully comprehend in the moment, so allow yourself the liberty to simply be. Allow yourself to experience what I have for you. Allow yourself the liberty to absorb what I am giving you in the moment, even though you may not understand, nor appreciate, it fully.

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