The Light Of My Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  February 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

As surely as you know I am with you, you will also know my will for your life. I will not keep you confused or groping in the dark, for I will shine my light upon your circumstances even this day. I will illuminate the shadows and corners so you will begin to see and understand. You will discern what I have for you, for I will make it plain for you to see. And as I continue to shine the light of my understanding upon you, you will also see the origins of your problems and the solutions to them as well.

For in the light of my understanding you will be empowered to identity problems, particularly problems you could not perceive in the past. For there have been obstacles you did not perceive, but have experienced. There has been resistance you did not perceive, but have experienced. There has been hindrances within yourself, and beyond yourself, that have prevented you from advancing further. And even though you did not perceive them, you experienced their influence and hindrance in your life and circumstances.

And because you could not perceive, nor identity the problems, you continued to reside together with them, allowing them to continue to influence you, to hinder you, to delay and derail you. But in the light of my understanding you will begin to see what you have not seen in the past. You will begin to perceive what you did not perceive in the past, and as a result will no longer continue to reside with problems.

You will see the errors, misunderstandings, and problems, and will make the corrections needed. You will see the answers plainly, and will not continue in your error, but will adjust yourself correctly, quickly, and accurately. For it is my will for you to prosper. It is my will for you to grow, and to thrive, and to do well. It is my will for your life to walk and abide in understanding, not only today, but everyday, and to do so in all things.

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