The Limitlessness Of Who And What I Truly Am

Neil Vermillion —  April 4, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have revealed myself to you in new ways, but I have also revealed myself to you in ways that are known and very familiar to you as well. I have given access to my heart so you can know my emotions, but have also given access to my mind so you can know my thoughts. With the understanding of my heart and mind you will engage with me in very meaningful interactions and expressions. You will see me clearly and accurately and will begin to know me as I truly am. (1)

As you hear me, feel me, and respond to me you will find I am wonderful, yet mysterious. I am powerful, yet gentle. I am dominant, yet subtle. You will find I am an enigma of sorts. I am delightful to pursue as well as fascinating to consider. I am more than you think I am, but I am also different that you think I am. You hold to notions and shadows, images and icons, that represent me, but as you engage with me in reality you will find I am different than these shapes, images, and symbols would suggest.

Do not be alarmed or unnerved as you discover who and what I truly am, for I am more than your folklore. I am more than the rumors and legends that have been handed down to you through the ages. I am more than you imaginations and projections. I am more than what is contained within the constructs and devices you have utilized in order to grasp and understand a portion of me. I am more than those portions. I am more than those concepts and depictions. I am more than your icons and the symbols you have selected to represent me. (2)

Prepare your heart and mind as you confront and correct the insufficiency of the icons previously believed to be complete. Prepare yourself to know me and experience me, not the icons you have superimposed upon me. You will find I am far more limitless than you previously thought, for your definition and concept of limitless is rife with limitations. In this experience of continual encounter you will be confused at times. When you are overwhelmed with what I am, and all I am, know this is normal. Know the majesty, beauty, and magnitude of all I am is more than you will come to know or understand in a lifetime, let alone a single session or encounter.

So make peace with this as you hear me. Make peace with this as you continue to relate to me. Make peace with the knowledge that you know me in part, and not quite fully. Make peace with this to avoid disappointment, to avoid misunderstanding, to avoid incorrectly rejecting what I am saying or doing in the moment because it is incongruent with your present paradigm or interpretation.

Make peace with this reality and continue to pursue me, for as you seek me with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, time, imagination, and all your resource and industry you will never be disappointed, but will be delighted. You will be intrigued, fascinated, and amazed time and time again, even beyond what you thought possible. (3)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9-13
(2) Jeremiah 10:6, 1 Samuel 2:2, 1 Chronicles 17:20, Deuteronomy 33:26, Exodus 8:10, Exodus 9:14, 2 Samuel 7:22, Psalm 86:8, Jeremiah 10:7, Isaiah 46:9
(3) Mark 12:30, Romans 5:5

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