The Love I Have For You Is Greater Than All Things

Neil Vermillion —  September 16, 2015 —  Comments

And when you see the darkness on your horizon do not fear. When you see clouds that seem to block the sun do not allow your heart to be troubled. For these things will come to pass, but they are only temporary. As surely as the sun sets and darkness comes, so also will the sun rise again bringing a new day. And in the same way as clouds hinder the light of the sun, they are but small in comparison to its greatness, radiance, heat, and light and could never block or diminish the Son in his full radiance of who he is.

So understand these things, though real, are small in comparison to the greater truth, the greater glory, the greater hope awaiting you. And when these things present themselves before you, awaken your heart to faith and stand in assurance knowing who you are in me. For with this perspective, with your confidence in your identity in me, you will be able to weather the storms, preserve past present circumstances, and abide in hope regardless of your present setting.

For the love I have for you, the love abiding within you, is greater than all these things. There is a greater glory you do not yet fully understand that will be revealed in you. So it is with this hope, and it is with this perspective, and it is with this assurance of your identity you will be able to stand, continue to preserve, and even advance in the face of uncertainty, doubt, chaos, and resistance.

For though there will be opposition, all of it is small in comparison to me, in comparison to my plans for you, and in comparison to what I have put within you, my Dear Ones.

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