The Magnitude Of What You Have Been Given

Neil Vermillion —  October 30, 2015 —  Comments

And in the immediate joy I’ve given you will discover there is no need for delay, to wait, or procrastinate. For I have made it freely, and immediately, available to all. But you will also discover more and more the magnitude of that which I’ve given as well. For I have not given a small thing. I have not given a slightly adequate prize for you, My Beloved. I have paid an extremely extravagant price and done so without limits, beyond measure. I have opened up the very doorway to my heart and made it totally and completely available for anyone who desires to enter.

And you will find in this passage there is more for you than you could ever measure, more than you could contain, more than you could ever fully comprehend. There is so very much more for you, ready and immediate. You have been covered hand over hand, more than you could ever consume or use. And with this understanding, you will be set free to move forward with reckless abandon to pursue all I’ve placed within your heart. You will be free from the worry, guilt, shame, fear, or condemnation so many of you identify with presently. And you will walk in wholeness and freedom from all these things, moving in the direction I have laid out before you.

And you will not only do so, but will enjoy the path and process as well. You will be so less goal-oriented, and will enjoy each step of the way. For we will do and accomplish together, hand in hand, in perfect fellowship together. And you will delight in what I have for you day after day, knowing there is no mistake so great it could ever shake or diminish my great love for you. There is no force, no idea, nothing in all creation that could ever separate you from my love. And with this understanding you will be liberated from your fears and doubts, and will abide in supreme confidence in the union we have together.

There will be no more fear of mistakes, no more fear of missing the mark. For you will understand the mark has already been made. The work has already been accomplished, and you have already been given the greatest gift you could ever receive. So allow yourself the liberty to be as little children, living, being, and believing without doubt, without half-measures, without concern for tomorrow, but simply loving, being, and trusting.

And this is the great gift I have given you, the fellowship and unity we will enjoy together. And nothing will take it from you. Nothing will rob you. Nothing will steal you away. Nothing will hinder you. For what force could snatch you from my hand? What person could stand against me? What idea could over-power me. What power could ever defeat me?

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