The Manifestation Of My Goodness Will Be Different Than You Imagined

Neil Vermillion —  June 29, 2018 — Leave a comment

You will be amazed and surprised by what I have in store for you, if you will but follow my guidance in your life. You presume to desire greatness more so than I do. You presume to want to do the right and best things in your life, more than I want them for you. You think I need to be persuaded in order to move you to the land flowing with milk and honey, but you only think these things because you do not consult with me.

So as you allow me to inspire new direction in your life, remember the desire for accomplishment, the desire for greatness, the desire for responsibility and value come from me. I am the one who has given you these desires. I am the originator of your life, as well as the goals, dreams, and inspirations within you. So do not fear you will miss your ultimate destiny and fulfillment in your life if you follow my will, but rather, be fully secure knowing these are my plans for you.

Do not presume I will lead you to place of growth and development that will be inferior to your own plans, or inferior to satisfy the call upon your life. Do not presume the road I have for you will lead you to a place of mediocrity. Do not fear you will be left unsatisfied, partially satisfied, or disappointed as you pursue my plans and will for your life.

Know without any doubt what I have for you is good. What I have for you is not only good, as it will be sufficient, but it is even better than what you could ask, dream, or imagine. With this truth planted firmly before your eyes do not be disappointed as milestones are missed, as seeming delays are experienced, and disappointments continue to unfold. Instead, hold on to the original hope and zeal of your first love, knowing you will by no means be disappointed.

Hold on to the original spark, and allow me to sustain you. Hold on to my words and to my promises, for you will come to know I am very kind and very patient. You will come to know I am very gentle, and very detailed. You will come to know I know you very well, even better than you know yourself.

But you will also come to know my exceeding excellence as well. You will come to know my vision and plans for your life are far greater than your own, for you would often settle for far less than what I have for you. You will come to see the multiple dimensions of what I have for you, and how your life will intertwine with others, adding value, richness, and contribution you would not otherwise experience. So rest in this assurance, for I will withhold no good thing from you. All I have for you will be even better than you could ask or imagine.

But let me also document within your expectations that your values are different than mine. Your definition of greatness and satisfaction is different than mine. Your goals, desires, plans, and outcomes are often very different than mine. So as you continue to endeavor towards the call upon your life, and as you continue to surrender to my path and my process, also allow me to shape and mold your expectations and interpretations as well.

For what I have for you will certainly be good, but it will also be different that what you would choose for yourself. With this in mind, allow me to guide your direction, but also guide your expectations and understanding too. For I will give you what is good, and will cause no harm. I will give you what is good, and will be righteous too. Do not fear loss, nor failure, nor disappointment, but know I will bring you what you need, even better than you could have foreknown, even though it will be different than what you initially imagined.

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