The Many Facets Within You Simultaneously

Neil Vermillion —  March 22, 2018 —  Comments

I have empowered you greatly and have set you in motion in a direction that will not only serve you today, but will also prepare you for all in store in your future too. You see your horizon, but understand only a single component. However, I see your horizon, and understand all of the components, especially the components you have not yet even detected, appreciated, nor perceived. (1)

I see many facets existing and operating within you simultaneously. But I also see their growth and development, in the present as well as the future, both singularly as well as collectively. And it is with this understanding of the collective I am able to manage and consider the multiple facets of your life, and do so with great precision and excellence. (2)

Trust in the path I have set before you, even though in many days you will surely experience that which seems to be irrelevant in the moment. Trust in me, and in my timing, for I am preparing you this very moment, not only for the tasks at hand today, but also for factors, events, and situations yet to come too. I have designed you and fashioned you with great care and attention to detail. I have crafted you in a very specific manner, for specific purpose, to allow for a specific result, and I will continue develop all of these in our journey together. (3)

I understand them all, and know them all. I see them all, and have you in the very center of my attention, as I continue to not only lead you, but relate to you, and love you daily in all things.

You will continually learn and discover my great love for you has not been surpassed by anything in this world. You will continually learn and discover my great plans for you will not disappoint you. You will find what I have set into motion is well organized, well synchronized, and well engineered to accomplish all I have for you – even the things you have not yet discovered, nor uncovered. (4)

(1) Psalm 139
(2) 1 John 3:20
(3) Hebrews 4:13
(4) Romans 8:39, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 16:4

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