The Move Of My Hand In Amazing And Prolific Ways

Neil Vermillion —  July 18, 2018 — Leave a comment

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As I expand you, and continue to expand you, do not place limits upon yourself. Do not hold back the floodgate of blessings and advancement because it looks new and different. Do not revert to previous ways of thinking or behaving in an attempt to find comfort or reach for a form of stability. Understand what I have for you is new and different than what you have experienced in seasons prior. What I am stirring within you will be entirely new, so do not compare it against anything you’ve known before. Instead cooperate with the move of my spirit as I sweep away the rubble and debris from the years of the past as I expand and accelerate what I have already initiated within you. (1)

For today will look very different than yesterday. The circumstances will be different and your heart’s response will also be very different. What I am awakening and activating within your heart and circumstances will be too big, too great, too incredible to be contained. So do not hold to yesterday but embrace the winds of change today as you adapt to what I am doing in you and through you in this moment. (2)

The expression and response of your heart will be distinct and will not be the same as years past. As I innovate within your inner man, so also I will innovate in your circumstances and inspire new changes and thus, new results. So do not hold on to the methods, expectations, or results of yesterday but remain flexible in the moment as I adjust, correct, and innovate.

This attitude and expression is about seeing what I am doing and cooperating with it, rather than relying on previous experiences learned throughout your history. So walk in this understanding, preparing your heart to fully accept the deviation from traditions of your youth, for as you do you will surely see it come to pass, the move of my hand in prolific and amazing ways, far beyond what you have anticipated, far beyond what you would ask or could imagine. (3)

(1) Isaiah 43:19
(2) 1 Corinthians 2:9
(3) Ephesians 3:20

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