The Mysterious Future Continually Unfolding Before You

Neil Vermillion —  June 20, 2018 — Leave a comment

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This is what I am saying and revealing to you in this moment, so do not hyper-criticize what I am giving you today, for there is not only more to come in terms of quantity to understand, but also more ground for you to acquire in order for present day revelation to have its complete context. What I am saying to you makes sense, and what I am giving to you also makes sense. But know there are elements of this moment, that will be even more significant and meaningful to you in years to come as you continue to walk by the direction of my hand, according to the move of my spirit in your life and circumstances.

Through this I am moving in new circles on your behalf. I am stirring the pot of catalyst and of relationship. I am stirring circumstances to position you in the right place geographically, but doing so at the right time. The variables in your horizon may be overwhelming to you, but remember they are not overwhelming to me, for I have seen them all, counted them all, and taken each and every one of them into consideration. (1)

I am a master at timing and scheduling. I am a master at organizing, even things too complicated to be fully measured, understood, or perceived. Allow my confidence to permeate your environment, and do not look to your own limits as a metric to measure or gauge awareness, possibility, or likelihood of particular outcomes. Allow me to guide you by the spark and inspiration of my heart for you, for as you do, you will find details so small, the things so seemingly insignificant, will come to the forefront and will bring about great clarity and perspective in the moments soon to come.

You will not forget these things, though you may forget them temporarily, for I will revive your memory and will resurrect all you will need to know and remember. Walk in this confidence this day, for what I am stirring on your behalf will be mysterious. What I am stirring in your relationships and circumstances will seem out of control at times, but rest in me, and trust in me. Trust in my hand, but also trust in my plans for I am working all things out for you good, especially in the mysterious future continually unfolding before you. (2)

(1) Revelation 22:13, Colossians 1:16-17
(2) Isaiah 43:18-19

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