The New Garb I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 12, 2017 —  Comments

I am taking you further than you previously thought you would ever go. You perceived yourself a certain way, and formed opinions and understanding around this. And this was good and true for seasons past. But now you have outgrown this shell. You have outgrown the clothes of yesterday and must put on new garments suitable for today. And in doing so, do not revert back to the clothes of yesterday, though they are familiar. Do not revert back to the clothes of yesterday, even though they were good in your past. Do not revert back to the clothes of yesterday, even though they served a purpose. For that purpose has ended and your capacity has expanded past the limits represented within those clothes.

Put on the new garb for today – the new garb I have for you. With the new garb also comes new mindsets, new roles, and new expressions and new adaptations of previous roles. With the new garb also comes expanse and maturity. The new garb also bring new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing things, and new ways of being. But the new garb also brings new purpose as well as additional insight and understanding to existing purpose. So as I give you the new garb for this day, understand and appreciate all the new things that also come with it.

Not only does the new garb mean the addition of new things, but the new garb also means putting away old things too. Old habits, mindsets, roles, and expressions of previous roles, are all subject to change, adjustment, and removal. The new garb comes along with divorcing old roles, old expressions, and old ways of thinking, being, and doing. So embrace with courage the new garb I give to you this day, and understand this small token is grand in its full expression and what it means.

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