The New Lessons I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

You have played it safe, and done the right thing for so long, but now I am asking you to move past these constructs. For you wanted to do the right thing, but now as I inspire you, continue to choose to go past what you have already experienced. For I have many new things in store for you, and these new things will require you let go of your sacred cows. I am moving you past what you have already known and experienced in the the past, and this will require you to lay down your previous ways of thinking.

But do not fear, for I will remain with you always. I will continue to guide you, just as I always have. I will continue to encourage you and instruct you, just as I always have. I will continue to inspire you, and shine my light before you, just as I always have. So though you will be required to move in new directions, and encounter new horizons, I will remain with you, just as I always have.

Let go of your temporary creature comforts, for where we are going there will be no room for what is unessential. There will be no room to carry additional baggage. There will be no time, no money, no space, no capacity to accommodate all these unnecessary and nonessential things.

Even though it is unfamiliar to you, do not be afraid to discard these non-essentials, for it will do you so much good. Do not be afraid to let go of the security blankets of your childhood, for you have outgrown them. Do not be afraid to embrace the new lessons and experiences I have for you this day, and tomorrow, for they will serve you, encourage you, heal you, liberate you, and empower you.

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