The New Pieces To Your Puzzle

Neil Vermillion —  May 31, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am giving you new vision for your future. What you are sensing, feeling, and seeing today is not for today, but is for what is yet to come. So understand this as you process the revelation I am giving you. Consider this in your application and interpretation of the timelines I am laying before you. Understand these things in the context of time, so you will have clear discernment and accurate expectations, without having unnecessary disappointment or confusion.

Do not be confused because your present situation is different than you previously expected, for the vision I have for you is not to replace the vision I have given you previously, but to be added to it. What I am showing you today in no way implies what I have shown you in the past was untrue or irrelevant. Today’s vision does not replace yesterday’s vision, but adds to it, builds upon it, as it expands it and gives supplemental detail and context.

Do not discard yesterday’s vision simply because today’s vision looks different. Likewise, do not reject today’s vision because it does not match with what has already been revealed. Understand there is a complexity and significance to what I am sharing with you, and in this complexity and diversity you will not be able to receive, process, or remember everything all at once.

For this reason I give you revelation in pieces. I give you parts, so as not to overwhelm you, or give you more than you can handle. With this understanding firmly documented within your paradigm do not consider the revelation you have as total and complete, but acknowledge it as part of a greater picture. Understand as you receive new pieces to your puzzle, the previous pieces do not negate, nor validate, the pieces of today, but function together individually within a collective whole. (1)

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:9

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