The Path of Endurance

Neil Vermillion —  February 26, 2019 —  Comments

Endurance refines you, making you stronger, wiser, kinder, more patient. The benefit of walking in perseverance will increase your endurance. Your ability to endure is not a small thing. It is not insignificant. It is not something to be overlooked, though I recognize you do not value it the way I do. In developing your endurance and capacity to finish your race, many other factors will be confronted along the way. The process of endurance will surely take you from the place of immaturity to the fullness of maturity. This path of endurance will refine you completely, as we will face and remove the hindrances within your heart and mind. (1)

It is always my desire for you to be free. It is my desire to help you walk in total wholeness so you can be free from offense, burdens, and lies allowing you to love one another fully and completely. In all these things know I am always working towards more freedom in your life, especially more freedom in your heart, allowing you to give and receive love. For in this process of walking out greater levels of endurance, you will be confronted with weaknesses and deficiencies. You will become aware of issues within your heart that will cause you to deviate from the path I have for you. You will begin to know what is tempting to you, and not only know it, but understand why it is so tempting to you. (2)

But we will take things easy and gradually, never giving you more than you can bear, though in the moment it may seem to be. By moving through this path gradually you will make small adjustments, which will give you the optimum benefit between identifying problem areas and making corrections to them. If you did not identify these problem areas you would continue in error. You would continue to believe lies and continue to carry your hurts, so we will take the necessary time to identify these problem areas, and we will do it together, gently and gradually. (3)

If the pace was too rapid, you would not make adjustments in your lifestyle adequately. There would be too many, too quickly and you would not be able to bear it all. It is my excellence and my commitment to your growth and wholeness, and also my great gentleness, that we are walking the path of endurance together. For in this path you will encounter everything needed, and do so in a manner in which you will learn and adjust with the minimal amount of pain.

You will finish in satisfaction and joy. You will not finish depleted, but satiated on my love and overwhelming peace. You will not fall away, nor finish discouraged. You will progress from level to level, from peace to peace, and from success to success though your perception of success is not the same as mine. Though your natural mind and circumstances will not always feel peaceful, because there will be a real struggle requiring real growth and sacrifice, surely you will experience real discomfort. In your spirit you will have my peace available to you. (4)

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