The Path Of Optimal Experience

Neil Vermillion —  January 6, 2016 —  Comments

For as surely as you are alive you will endure hardship. As surely as you breathe, you will experience delays and setbacks. And as surely as there is glory set before you, there are also surprises before you as well. So do not run from these things. Do not alter the course I have set before you. For this course will be the best course for you. It will be the most righteous. It will be the most effective. It will be the path leading to fullness and fruition of the plans I have for your life. And though it will not be pleasant in the way your would desire, it will be the utmost benefit to you as you grow in the knowledge and experience of all that is placed before you.

For I have specific things I desire to teach you. There are specific lessons you will need to learn. There are specific mindsets I desire for you to adopt. There are specific relationships I desire to bring to you. There are specific experiences I will bring you through. So though the path set before you looks treacherous, perilous, or unpleasant at times, hold fast and do not waiver. Do not fret or fear for I am with you in all these things. And though unpleasant, you will not be destroyed. Though painful, it will be only temporary.

So do not look to what is seen with your eyes, for what is seen with your eyes is temporary, but look to what is unseen, for what is unseen is eternal. And with this eternal perspective you will see your slight and temporary delays and conflicts with a more righteous perspective.

And though this may sound foreign to you at first, it will become music to your ears. For you will see what is being accomplished. You will see what is developing. You will begin to see and appreciate the divine timing of all that is being worked within you and through you. You will see the circumstances turnaround in their due course, and it will be glorious.

So do not feel as though you are missing the mark simply because the path is difficult. Do not feel as though you are making a mistake or are failing. For in this world you will surely have trouble and hardship. But instead put your focus past these temporary things and walk the path set before you. For this path, though difficult at times, will yield the optimal benefit to you. It will yield the most exuberant experience for you. It will yield the most joy, most peace, most glory, most fulfillment for you in every way possible.

So move forward in courage, with boldness, knowing I am with you in all these things. And though you do not know or understand it all, rest, trust, and know that I do.

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