The Place Of Our Togetherness

Neil Vermillion —  August 10, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to open yourself up to my influence, and as you continue to allow my spirit to guide you, you will find my ways will become easier and easier for you. For you have been made that new creation in me, and you have that new nature in me. So as you allow your new self, your new nature to continue to reign you will find things will increase in your life. And as my ways, my spirit, my nature continue to increase in your life you will learn to walk in the joy, the happiness, the prosperity, the fullness I have in store for you.

For my ways will bless you. My ways will cause you to prosper. My ways will establish you for the long term, and set your foundation on solid place, able to sustain you for many years to come, even into eternity. So it is with joy in my heart, with love in my heart, with your best interest in mind, I draw you close to my side. For in our closeness you will learn of me, you will drink of me, and you will be transformed.

You will come to know me, and I will will continue to reveal myself to you. You will know me by my spirit, and we will abide together in harmony, in unity. And in this place of unity and harmony you will experience the joy and satisfaction you desire. You will come to experience the contentment and bliss you were designed for.

And in our closeness together you will also come to know who you really are. For my work on the cross has accomplished many things, and there are even many mysteries still yet to be revealed. For you have been made alive in me, and the old things have passed away. And it is in our unity, our closeness you will more fully understand this as I reveal all of these things to you.

For there are things your mind will never be able to comprehend. There are things you will never grasp by your own merits. But as we abide together I will show you these things, and I will reveal the wonder, the glory, the majesty of all these mysteries. And it will delight you in every way. It will delight your heart. It will delight your soul. It will delight your spirit. It will bring you such complete joy and satisfaction in every way – even beyond what you think is possible.

So allow me to draw you close to my side, and do not resist my soft voice. For in my speaking to you softly you will find that narrow path that leads to abundant life. You will find mysteries, and treasures, and adventures day after day. And all the things your heart desires, all the things you crave, will be satisfied as you continue to sit with me, drink of me, and learn of me. For it is in our togetherness all this will be made known to you.

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