The Place Of Possibility Without Limits

Neil Vermillion —  December 30, 2015 —  Comments

For as you come to know me more and more you will find I am completely limitless. You know me in part, and because you are limited, you presume I am also limited. But as you come to know me more and more over the years you will find this is not true. You presume I am like you, because this is all you know, and this is what you are so very familiar with, but this is not true. For I am entirely different than you. I am not limited. I do not grow tired, weak, or weary. I do not sleep or run out of energy. I do not forget. I do not neglect. I do not become overwhelmed, fearful, or worried.

So continue to seek me in all your ways, day after day, and you will find I am not limited in any way. I am not small, that you could ever possess or fully comprehend me. But as you continue to come to know me, you will discover me in greater measure than you have in days past. And in this discovery you will see me for who I really am, not who you have presumed that I am. And I will show you my heart and I will show you my face, and you will come to know me in a very real and very personal way.

And though I am a mystery to you now, and will always be, you will know me and will understand what I reveal to you. Though it will require effort, it will require diligence, it will require consistency and commitment, you will find me and come to understand me if you will seek me with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. For I will not hide myself from you, but will reveal myself to you, to those who desire to know me.

And as you know me we will grow in our union and in our history together. For your preconceived ideas, notions, and presumptions are far too small, far too limited to accurately and completely describe me. But these will be dealt with over the course of time. So do not give them any concern, for they are mere shadows of weak constructs and will be removed and done away with in the due course of time.

So allow your heart to roam and dream freely. Think, consider, and dream without limits. For in this place of possibility you will find me and come to know me better. As you remove your limits and preconceived notions you will set your mind up to be able to receive from me more purely, without contamination.

But even with contamination, do not worry or fear. For I will resurrect. I will purify. I will correct and guide. So in all things, even your limits, even your mistakes, even your rebellion, I will turn around for your good. And all these things will work for my glory and to serve you, my Dearly Beloved.

So remove your limits and receive me purely, receive me freely. Receive me as I am, not how you think I am or how you think I should be. Remove your limits and trust in me.

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