The Place Of Unshakable Security

Neil Vermillion —  October 12, 2015 —  Comments

Even in the midst of stress and confusion my solitude and fellowship is available for you. I am never far away, but remain ever so close to you. So as you find yourself stuck, irritated, frustrated, confused, and disappointed reach out to me and you will experience my comfort and embrace. And as you experience my presence your difficulties will begin to seem lighter and easier. Your obstacles will begin to seem small. Your delays will begin to seem brief. For all these things, though real, will lose their influence in the comparison and observation of my glory.

For in comparison to me all these things are so small. In comparison to what I have in store for you, the riches of my glory, the vast reservoir of my mercy, the glorious richness of the mysteries yet to be fully revealed to you, all these things will seem inconsequential. So as you find yourself pressed by your current situation, look to me, and I will give you rest. I will give you comfort. I will give you hope.

But my hope is not based on denial. I will not give you delusion to deny your present reality. My hope is not founded on denial of your present circumstances, but is based on eternal perspective. You will see things from a perspective that is able to comprehend and compare your present reality to the reality ready for you beyond today. And with this perspective, with the understanding of the greater hope awaiting you, your heart will be fully alive in the glory of what awaits you and you will no longer dread, doubt, or fear what is before you presently.

And it will be a wonder to you. For in the moment you will see one thing, but at the same time you will behold other, un-earthly things. And in this co-habitation of these dimensions you will have a new perspective that will allow you to appreciate all that is in you, even now this very moment. For the glorious mystery already established within you is sufficient to sustain you through all this world could ever set against you. And it is in this revelation, this understanding of what’s already been given you, you will abide in a place of untouchable, unshakable security.

And we will sit together through all things. And in spite of hardships, trials, resistance, and delays, you will share in the joy and great pleasure of the fellowship of my spirit, and the fellowship of my comfort, which I have already made available to you generously. And you will drink of me and be satisfied. You will laugh and forget your hurts. You will dream, and hope will be the portion upon which you are filled to your satisfaction.

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