The Practice Of Contemplation Of What I Am Saying

Neil Vermillion —  April 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me in the space of deliberate influence I will highlight the direction I have intended for you to travel. I will guide you clearly and precisely as you allow the influence of my spirit to make its mark, without resistance or opposition. I know sometimes you resist unknowingly, and unintentionally. I know sometimes you resist, not because you want to resist my will, but because you do not recognize what I am saying. You do not recognize my voice, nor my ways, nor my timing, so you unintentionally resist what I’m giving you. (1)

So take a moment to reflect on these experiences. Take a moment to let me remind you of these times. Take a moment, and allow me to highlight these encounters, and emphasize the learning point – not to embarrass or shame you, but in order to shed light on the reality of what actually transpired, rather than being caught up in the moment and reacting to the situation.

Understand as you walk with me and continue to abide with me, all of these interactions will become more and more familiar as they happen more and more frequently. You will recognize my signature, and will see it clearly without question, and will do so from a greater distance. And with this capacity to discern more quickly and more accurately, you will be poised to cooperate with me more and more, operating with less and less confusion and misunderstanding, and more and more clarity and precision with the wisdom, discernment, and understanding I have given you.

So while it will seem pointless and trivial in the moment, take time to reflect and consider what I am saying. In your consideration you will strengthen a habit that will allow you to recognize and observe the influence of my spirit, and increase your awareness and sensitivity to the move of my spirit in the moment. And with this sensitivity you will be able to respond more quickly, and more accurately to what I am saying and doing.

(1) Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 119:105

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