The Pressure Against You

Neil Vermillion —  September 20, 2016 —  Comments

I know it feels as though the pressure against you is too great. I know it feels as though you are moving in the wrong direction. But do not operate or navigate merely by your feelings. For your feelings will press you to move in wrong directions. Your feelings will press you to move towards temporary comfort, rather than long term progress.

The pressure against you is not too great, though at times it feels like more than you can bear. Today’s pressure upon your shoulders will birth greater strength and greater understanding within you if you will remain faithful and allow the process to complete its work. For I am pushing you in the right direction for this day. I am moving you in the right direction for this time and season. And while it feels as though the pressure will crush you, continue to remain where you have been planted. For I have put you in this very spot, for this very reason, for this very day.

So continue to remain where you have been planted, for I am building greater strength within you. And this pressure you are presently experiencing is increasing your capacity. Though you may not perceive it, or be able to measure it, or be able to influence it, this process of pressure is building greater strength and greater endurance within you. It is refining core issues within your heart as it continues to weigh heavily upon your heart and circumstances. This strength within you will continue to grow and increase as you continue to walk in the shadow of my wing.

This pressure will also refine your understanding, spawning greater clarity. For the pressure will cause you to inquire and to search. And as you search under this kind of pressure you will be inspired to continue and find the answers you need and desire. For this pressure will not be quickly or easily relieved, making the answers not be easily obtained. But nevertheless you will find your answers if you continue to remain in the process and allow it to have its work, producing its results.

So as you come through this brief, but difficult, process you will emerge with greater strength as well as greater understanding, having gained what you were lacking. So while this time of pressure will not feel good, will not be easy or comfortable, it will produce very good, very needed results in your life. So continue to remain where I have planted you, where you find yourself today, in the midst of the pressure upon your circumstances. Do not abandon, nor run away from, that which I’ve placed before you.

For all the signs are there. All the confirmation has been given you, even beforehand. So continue to walk forward, holding true to the path and direction you have already seen and know to be true. Continue to grow in strength and grow in your understanding. For these will be crucial for you in days to come. These present days are not your final days, but are transitionary days preparing you for greater things yet to come. So continue to walk forward, enduring the pressure against you, for it will have its work, and you will come forth possessing what you were previously lacking.

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