The Process Of Birthing The Lessons You Learn

Neil Vermillion —  August 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

Do not avoid, nor be afraid, of the pressures of this day. Though uncomfortable and unpleasant, you will surely overcome if you endure and do not give up. For I have given you more strength than you realize. I have given you tremendous power, potential, and capacity, and you will by no means be defeated by your present pressures if you do not give up. Hold this truth in the front of your mind, and feel it in the center of your heart, for as you walk forward you will surely overcome and surpass today’s pressures if you do not give up. (1)

For in this world you will surely have trouble, but take heart for I have already overcome this world, and you have done so in me and with me. For I am in you, and you are in me, so do not consider it a small or insignificant thing that I have overcome the world on your behalf. Do not consider yourself as defeated or incapable, for the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides within you. The same power that calmed the storms on the sea is within you, if you will but give yourself to it, and to its process. (2)

So allow me to mold you and shape you. Allow me to continue to form you and teach you what you need to learn. For with every lesson you learn there will be a process, circumstance, and context leading to its birth. There will be fruit born as a result of choices you make and consider this day, so do not lose heart, for though it may be difficult now, joy will come in the morning. (3)

For these light and momentary troubles are real, but they are small and they are brief. There is a greater glory manifesting within you this moment, but also a greater glory yet to fully come. So do not fix your eyes on the outcomes of this moment, but look to what is unseen. For what is seen is only temporary, here today and gone tomorrow. Fix your eyes, heart, mind, and even your actions on what is unseen, for what is unseen is eternal. (4)

(1) 1 Peter 4:12, Romans 8:37
(2) John 16:33, Romans 8:11, John 14:20
(3) Psalm 30:5
(4) 2 Corinthians 4:17-18, Romans 8:18

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