The Process Of Gradual And Consistent Refinement

Neil Vermillion —  June 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

In your faithfulness and consistency you will experience me in new and different ways. In your faithfulness you will come to appreciate who I am, but will also come to notice and appreciate my faithfulness in all things. For as you work hard, and endeavor forward, you will find there are limits before you that seem to be easy and accessible, but upon closer inspection and examination you determine they are not. And it is in these corrections to presumptions you will encounter my faithfulness and will experience me in new and delightful ways.

You will see my provision from a new angle. You will see my hand of guidance from a distinct point of view. You will allow my heart to speak, and even whisper, all I have to say, for the issues of your heart will be refined, just as your sensitivity to my voice will also become refined and increased.

Adjust your thoughts and your expectations. Adjust your understanding of all the little observations that have given you clues and insights. Adjust your willingness to look foolish and to experience embarrassment. Adjust your expectations of timelines, in how long it will take for you to accomplish and develop all I have set before you and given to you. Adjust the lens through which you see, but also the lens through which you hear. Adjust the paradigm through which you think, and allow me to continue to educate you, but also renew you, as you engage with me, time and time again in the realms of the demonstration of my faithfulness.

You will see what you once thought was too small to matter, will begin to manifest, but will also continue to repeat its manifestation. You will see what was previously considered worthless and trivial begin to reveal its lasting value and significance. As this occurs you will hear what I have been saying all along, through the mechanism of seasons, and the process of gradual, but consistent, refinement.

You will not only see reality, your environment, and the call upon your life differently, but you will see me differently too. You will see the world, the people in it, and the landscape of this present day from a different angle, with a different understanding, with a different interpretation and response, as you engage with me consistently and faithfully, again and again, day after day, and decade after decade.

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