The Process Of Your Growth And Fulfillment

Neil Vermillion —  April 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

As I speak to you and guide you, know I will sometimes relate to you and communicate to you in descriptions and means which are familiar to you. I will sometimes guide you to what is known so you will be able to receive what I am saying, and understand what I am meaning. But also know there will be engagements in which I will compel you to move far beyond what you already know. I will press you, sometimes even against your will or desire, to drink from a new well as you encounter the newness of what is before you and within you. (1)

Each has a purpose and use. Each has a context that is appropriate and relevant. Each is wonderful and needed. But each are not the same. Each offers advantages the other cannot offer, and because this is true, you will be forced to expand your realm of experience, and engage with me in what is foreign and unknown. You will be forced to make changes, even when you do not want to. At times you will be pressed to revisit what is familiar when you desire to seek and experience something new. Likewise, you will encounter times in which you will be pressed to receive something entirely new and participate in activities and practices even when you want to find something known and comforting to you. (2)

There is no formula, no method, no artificial metric you will be able to use in order to govern, measure, or regulate your engagement with me. There is no predictable practice that will yield predictable results. There is no predictable person, no predictable time. There is not predictable book, nor predictable idea that will be the means by which you will obtain your goals, or manifest your desires. These predictable mechanisms serve as a means to accomplish goals without engagement or relationship with me.

Understand all of your blessings, fulfillment, and accomplishment will be found with me, and in me. All of these things will come by means of process and by means of gradual exploration and examination. This will not always be the case. You will overwhelmingly grow, and progress, and develop in a gradual manner, rather than sudden or erratic spurts of growth.

There is a distinct mystery to what I am. There is a distinct and undeniable element of who I am that will forever remain beyond your realm of control. There will be segments of the unknown within you and before you that will frustrate you if you let it, but will inspire you and intrigue you, if you permit it. The choice is yours, how you will respond, and when you will do so. The choice is available to you, and has been made freely accessible, although it will not look the way you want it to look, nor be exactly what you want it to be. (3)

Do not be disillusioned. Do not be disappointed, or discouraged. Do not be confused as you continually discover one mystery after they next, one question after the next. Encountering these questions and mysteries is not the mark of deception or confusion, but of growth and involvement of my spirit in your life. So embrace this path and process, knowing not only am I guiding you, but have initiated it on your behalf in order to facilitate your growth and fulfillment. (4)

(1) Isaiah 43:19
(2) Genesis 26:18-21
(3) Deuteronomy 30:19
(4) Galatians 6:9

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