The Pursuit Of Robust Experience Through Engagement With Me

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have set you in motion in a direction you would not have chosen, because you would not have been able to determine the outcome and consequences so early in your growth and development. I have chosen you, formed you, crafted and created you and have done so with great care, precision, and attention to detail. In the same way, I have chosen your path and journey. I set you into a direction not haphazardly, nor randomly, but deliberately and specifically knowing precisely the outcome of your journey, as well as each step experienced along the way. (1)

As you encounter the obstacles and terrain of each day, understand these things have come as a result of my design, initiated on your behalf, for they have been given for purpose, for result, and for significance. As you experience them do not be quick to dismiss them. Do not be superficial in your understanding or your assessment of each day and each experience, no matter how small or seemingly trivial it may appear in the moment. Even though what you experience and encounter may appear small, it will, and can, produce great significance as you learn the lessons, absorb the material, and engage in the moment of your present environment.

Do not be quick to jump to conclusions, or to become angry or feel defeated. Understand with poise, the complexity of your situation as well as the complexity of your choices. Consider what I have given you and what I am saying. Consider who you are, who I am, as well as who we are together. Consider these things not to introduce additional and unnecessary complication or clutter in your field of attention and understanding, but in order to look past what is immediate, past what is superficial, and past what is apparent and obvious. (2)

What your eyes see is but one layer, but what is unseen is another. What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. So as you engage with what is seen, also choose to engage with what is unseen. Choose to engage with me. Choose to receive what I am saying and revealing beyond what is obvious and immediate so you will learn, absorb, and synthesize the moment to its fullest, so you can avoid mistakes and pitfalls, so you will not repeat things unnecessarily, and so you will enjoy the richness of the life I have given you.

For the robust dimensions of your life are far greater than what you have presently imagined or experienced. Though you possess an inkling, you are far from its full expression and mastery. Though you have seen a hint and shadow, you are far from total recognition and comprehension of all that is available to you. (3)

Be slow in your choice to dismiss this moment, even though it may be terribly unpleasant or painful. But rather, engage with me fully, devoting your attention to all I am saying, revealing, and showing you. For in this practice you will discover the additional layers of engagement and interaction are more than worthwhile, more than valuable and meaningful to you, for a wide range of reasons, within a wide range of dimensions, expressions, and manifestations.

(1) John 15:16
(2) 2 Corinthians 4:18
(3) Romans 8:18

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