The Real Identity Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  July 11, 2017 — Leave a comment

At this point you have known me, but there are still so many aspects you do not yet know. There are still many presumptions within your heart and mind, and these presumptions limit you, for they hinder your capacity to receive from me purely. These presumptions and misunderstanding create an aberration from me, rather than a revelation of me. Even though you are not aware of these presumptions, know that I am fully aware of them, but also know I am working to liberate you from their influence as I continue to reveal myself to you as I truly am day after day.

I will present myself to you as I truly am, but will also confront and dismantle presumptions and misunderstandings you presently entertain in your heart. I will confront them gently, but directly, and in doing so you will be able to identify them and discard them, abandoning them entirely. I will shine my light of truth and revelation upon you, and you will see the issues of your heart that have inspired these mindsets, allowing them to reside, operate, and function without your detection. And in this place of understanding you will be inspired to make all the necessary changes, for you will see my goodness and provision, and will not hesitate.

But know I am doing this as a loving father, not a harsh critic. I am highlighting errors in your thinking and discernment not to shame or embarrass you, but to heal you, to reconcile you, to liberate you from the influence of lies and misunderstandings. I am pressing these issues of your heart and mind so you may know the truth, and that the truth will set you free. For it is my desire for you to be free – free in every way, having no compromise, no perversion or distortion within you at all. I desire that you walk and abide in total truth, in total understanding, and in total liberation.

Do not resist the move of my spirit as I begin to emphasize and uncover issues that need adjustment. For as I apply pressure to bring about emphasis, I will also bring the remedy and solution so you will come to know the truth. And in this realization of the truth you will increase in joy and enthusiasm, for you will be free in every way, having no ill effects leaving their residue upon you.

You will experience my great redemption as well as my great liberation as I continue to spark new insights of details for the core issues within your own heart and mind, particularly in dealing with presumptions of the real identity of who I am.

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