The Reality Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  March 17, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
For when you heart hurts, my heart hurts. When you are sad I am not unaware, nor unaffected. Have I not made it plain to you already, you are My Most Precious? You are the one my heart desires. You are the one I have put my attention and affections upon. So do not fall into lies that lead you to believe I do not care, or I am not involved in your life. For I am with you in every thing, and in every moment. There is no time, no thing I am unaware of. So how much more will I be moved, and draw myself near to you in your time of need?

Remember my promises for I know you are prone to forget. Remember your First Love, for I know your heart is but weak. Remember the greater hope in store for you today as well as tomorrow, for I know your heart is but small, and your capacity is limited. Remember what you know to be true and do not ignore my affections. For I will embrace you and make all things new again. Day after day you will experience my love for you in great, extravagant, and immeasurable ways. I will continue to reveal myself to you and you will know me heart to heart.

And in this revelation you will see and know I am close to you. You will see and know how much you mean to me. You will see and know how great my love is for you. And as you soak in this reality and this truth your heart will grow confident, knowing I will never leave you, and will never forget about you.

My great love for you will never waver, and will never sway. My great love for you will sweep away all the doubts, fears, and questions you currently hold before your eyes and attention as you sit in communion with me together. You will forget your hurts and fears, and will remember them no more.

And the tenderness of it all will surprise you. For you presume I am mad and angry with you. You presume I will be harsh with you. So you hide and run away in fear and shame. You have created an image that resembles me made from the ignorance you carry in your own heart. So allow me to reveal myself to you in truth, and embrace what I show to you. Receive me as I truly am, and not according to what you think I am. Allow me to show you who I really am, and you will no longer follow idols and lies that lead you astray and harm and destroy you.

For you will taste of my goodness and see and know and understand my great love for you, and you will not doubt again. You will forget your fears. You will forget your idols. You will forget your worries, and will fix your gaze upon me. You will set your heart and affections upon me and will remember your folly no more.

And in this place your focus and your gaze will see my beauty and remember your distractions no more. You will remember your idols no more. You will remember no more the drivel that used to be your great obsession and occupy your time completely.

And through it all you will experience my love, and will know my involvement in your heart, and life, and circumstances in a most intimate and personal manner. And you will be surprised, and you will be delighted. And through it all you will come to understand and enjoy the freedom you have in me.

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