The Realization Of Who You Are In Me

Neil Vermillion —  March 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

You have discovered the wondrous glory found in examination of the details. You have discovered new avenues and aspects in which you have been given the opportunity to engage with my heart, but also with my mind. And though this is new, as you remain faithful it will become very familiar. What was once foreign and different will become known, familiar, and common in your life.

You have seen the move of my hand at a distance, but many times you have not understood my heart, close and personally. So as you walk with me in the details of this moment, in this day and season, you will begin to observe what you could not in the past. You will begin to see what you could not in the past. You will begin to understand what you could not in the past.

As you observe details and give attention to what I present to you, you will not activate and strengthen your own understanding, but will relinquish control as you submit your will to mine in the moment. You will voluntarily allow my spirit to impact you, as you choose to allow my influence and instruction in your life, and abandon your former ways of thinking, being, and doing. In doing so, you make the deliberate and willful choice to receive my guidance as I direct your attention and teach you what I have for you. (1)

Realize your surrender to my spirit in each moment will not affect only your mind, for our relationship is not limited to only information, understanding, and revelation, but will also affect the issues of your heart. These issues of your heart will be the very core issues of who you are and what matter most to you. These are the very essence of who you are, what you believe, and what is of the utmost value to you. As you choose to accept my interaction with you, know it will not be insignificant or trivial, but will touch the absolute essence of all you are in the present moment. Trust in me, for I will strengthen your capacity to hear me and engage with me. (2)

I will also reveal to you who you truly are – not just the person you believe yourself to be, but the unfiltered, uncompromised, undiluted truth of who you really are, both today in this moment, as well as the ever-unfolding realization of who I have created you to be. In this awareness you will see yourself in your present state of being, but will also discern the potential placed within you, the gap between your present day manifestation of truth and the greater glory yet to be fully revealed.

There is a discrepancy between your perception of who I am and who you are, which produces a gap in your understanding. There is a discrepancy between how you see yourself and how we function and exist together; thus creating a gap in your response to my ways, my commands, and the move of my spirit in your heart and circumstances.

But do not fear or worry. Do not be anxious about anything for I will show you my heart and you will come to know who I am, who you are, and you are in me. As you choose to allow my spirit to influence you, you will see the gaps begin to close. And as it does, you will understand and apprehend what you could not in the past, the reality of how close we are in all things, and how every single detail has been taken care of already. (3)

(1) Proverbs 16:9
(2) 1 Corinthians 2:9
(3) Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 10:29-31

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