The Reintroduction Of What You Already Know

Neil Vermillion —  June 15, 2018 — Leave a comment

You have looked through the glass, but have seen it darkly. You have seen what I have presented to you, but you have understood it from the lens of your own perspective. You have interpreted what I have shown you according to your own understanding, rather than observing it for what it truly is. As a result, you have diminished what I have shown you. You have discounted it, not giving it the full credit and merit it deserves.

Be aware as I begin to correct your ways of thinking. Be aware as I correct your understanding and interpretation of what I have shown you already. Be aware, but be hopeful too. For I am not displeased with you. I am not angry, nor disappointed. Be aware, for what I will show you will be the very thing you are already acquainted with as I encourage you, but empower your through adjustment and correction.

As I reintroduce what you already know you will see it from a new perspective, seeing it more closely to what I have intended for you to understand all along. As this continues to occur repeatedly in your life you will no longer discount what I have shown you in the past. You will not diminish the value, meaning, and significance of the vision I have shown you, nor the understanding and interpretation of it.

What I have given you is a rare and precious jewel. What I have given you is a valuable treasure, though you did not perceive it to be when I first gave it to you. I will adjust your understanding, and I will adjust your interpretation so you will see more clearly, and understand more accurately. You will see my hand is surely upon you. You will see my plans for you have been righteous and glorious all along. You will see my plans for you were not only good, but even better than you thought possible, even better than you would have been able to conceive, perceive, or appreciate.

Allow me to adjust your understanding this present day, for it will be no small thing. The adjustment itself will be small, but the fruit it will bear will be anything but small. The fruit of your adjusted understanding will multiply time over time, again and again, as you continue to engage with me and receive what I have truly given you, rather than continuing in the errors of your limited perception from your past.

In this season make a choice to trust, for what I am setting before you now will require you to walk in new levels of hope and expectation. It will require new expressions of the truth I have revealed to you. Do not worry or fear, for hope will not disappoint you, but will continue to sustain you month after month, and decade after decade.

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