The Restoration Soon To Be Unfolded Before Your Eyes

Neil Vermillion —  December 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

In the sorrow of your mistakes do not lose heart. In the wake of hurt and loss do not become cynical. Do not look at these events as permanent, but understand they are but shadows and icons of greater redemption yet to come. These are the doorways, the harbingers of the glory that will be revealed. Just as the cross was formerly a symbol of death, but now stands as a symbol of eternal life and total redemption, so also these events, memories, and experiences will serve to be transformed to a doorway of love, life, and restoration. (1)

Even though this is a painful idea to fathom, be slow to discard what I am saying, for in this redemption you will find new hope, insights, and opportunities. You will find all the goodness your heart once had searched for, and will find all the goodness, joy, and innocence you previously possessed will be returned. You will experience the redemption of what was stolen and broken, as it begins to manifest in your timeline. (2)

And as you share in this with me, you will see my hand at work in the redemption, restoration, renewal, even resurrection of all these things, and it will be amazing to behold, and glorious to observe. It will be a mystery too marvelous to explain, a wonder too grand to measure. It will be a scandal too magnificent to ignore, for the redemption and restoration of all things includes not only big and important events throughout human history, but also the small, and seemingly insignificant, events in your own personal life too.

I will wipe away every tear from your eye, and the former hurt and pain will remain no more for the old order of things will have passed away. So do not be sad, nor discouraged, for these temporary troubles you are experiencing. Even though they are real, they are but small and fleeting in comparison to the great glory and restoration soon to be unfolded before your eyes. (3)

(1) Galatians 6:9, Colossians 1:20 (2) Joel 2:25-26 (3) Revelation 21:4, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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