The Revelation And Interpretation Of What You Have Not Fully Perceived Or Understood

Neil Vermillion —  August 29, 2018 —  Comments

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As I transition you forward be prepared for the unexpected. Be prepared to adjust your habits and adjust your practices as a result. Be prepared to move in a slightly different direction, but in a radically different pace. Even though you have seen what I have for you, you have not understood it fully. So walk with me and remain responsive to my spirit as I continue to refine your interpretation and understanding of all I have for you. (1)

I will bring you to the place of simplicity. I will bring you to the place of satisfaction. I will bring you to the place of unity and harmony so you can rest and enjoy. While there will certainly be days, and even seasons, of work and activity, know I will prepare you for these days and will cause you to reside and abide in me and with me in a state of peace – peace that surpasses knowledge, peace that transcends circumstances. (2)

As you see the storm brewing on your horizon, and you discern the difficulty and calamity that will surely follow, do not be afraid. Though you will encounter mysteries and things that are unknown, do not be afraid. Even though you will surely experience the pressures of the day, know I will make a way for you to breathe, survive, and prosper. Do not be afraid of the locust, nor caterpillar. Do not be afraid of the loss you may incur. Walk in faith, not in denial of your present state, but with the eager anticipation of what is yet to emerge, yet to happen, and yet to come to fruition. (3)

With this expectation and anticipation do not become carried away with wishful thinking, spawned from greedy imagination, but allow me to continue to guide you and refine your perception along with your interpretation. Allow me to give you the revelation you need, but also the understanding of that revelation. With this you will surely advance according to all I have for you, and will do so according to all I have laid before you, even that which you have not fully perceived or understood. (4)

(1) 2 Corinthians 3:18
(2) Philippians 4:7
(3) John 16:33, Joel 2:25
(4) 2 Corinthians 4:18

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