The Revelation Spawned From My Peace

Neil Vermillion —  September 20, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am making myself known to you in the moments in which you inhabit my peace. I know there are many diversions throughout the day. I know there are also many responsibilities and things that need your attention. But I also know there is time available in which you do not have to relocate yourself physically, but mentally and emotionally. In these moments in which you engage with me and inhabit my peace you will find not only the comfort you need, but also the welcome revelation for this day. (1)

My revelation is not a matter you are able to manufacture by your own will or determination. The process of my spirit guiding your thoughts and directing your attention is quite the opposite of your own will, and the opposite of your own ability to create by your own efforts. So relax and enjoy the process as you learn to dismantle your fears and questions, and engage with me, allowing me to direct your mind, heart, will, and emotions, thus giving ample room for my revelation. (2)

Keep in mind there are questions within you not yet fully articulated. In the experiences of my peace, regardless how small or brief they may be, I will help establish clarity to these questions so you will become able to detect them, but also become able to understand them. This disclosure and revelation will not come by means of your mental facility but by the revelation of my spirit as you engage with me in peace. As you become able to clarify the issues of your heart, and become able to identify their nature and their essence, you will also become able to receive the revelation how to respond to these issues.

These will not be single-response issues. These will not be a simple binary response, but rather they will be multi-variant. These responses will include many options, many sequences, many factors, and many timelines to consider, each yielding a potential outcome based on your response. So allow me to guide your attention, through my peace, so you can navigate these confusing and complicated waters. As you open your ears and open your heart my spirit of peace will speak to you to help you identify, but also to determine, the righteous response.

Experiencing my peace is not only helpful in terms of making your plight more tolerable, and your time traveling more enjoyable, but it also has very helpful and useful function as well. I know the issues of your heart can be elusive and confusing, so allow my peace to guide you to the complete revelation you need in this hour, for this day and season.

(1) Philippians 4:7
(2) 1 Corinthians 2:9-12

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