The Righteous Guidance For The Righteous Response

Neil Vermillion —  August 20, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am, and always will be, your source of strength and revelation. Though you possess a certain level of understanding from your experience and natural intelligence, I have even more to offer you than what you know, or can imagine. I will take what you already possess and increase it significantly, but I will also add even more to your arsenal of knowledge as well – entirely brand new things you have not even considered. With this you will grow in knowledge and wisdom far beyond own present capacity and even further than you ever thought possible. (1)

Do not discount, nor disregard these elements of wisdom and knowledge, for my revelation will be life to you, allowing you to prepare for what is relevant and avoid calamity and difficulty that is unnecessary and irrelevant. I will shed light on your present circumstances so you can understand what is truly happening, rather than being ruled or influenced by your fears, circumstances, or emotions. (2)

With this capacity for clear understanding you will see what to move towards, and also how to do so. I will give you light to your setting, so you can see and possess understanding. I will also give you insights how to respond to what you are seeing, so you can possess knowledge and perspective, but also strategy and wisdom as well. Trust in my heart for you as I continue to redirect your attention, for at times I will interrupt your previous agenda in order to direct you to what I have for you. (3)

While it may look foolish and wasteful in its onset, over the course of time you will see how it will be fruitful and wise for you. You will see the move of my hand not only to guide you, in terms of which direction to move, but also to instruct you, so you will more thoroughly and more accurately understand what to do and how to respond.

Walk, but also abide, in this assurance, for many times you will not understand every element of every day. As you walk with me, and abide with me in whole agreement, you can rest assured I will guide you in the righteous direction, at the righteous time, but will also instruct you for the righteous response in the proper manner as well. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9
(2) Psalm 119:105
(3) Psalm 37:23-24
(4) Proverbs 3:5-6

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