The Significance Of The Questions I Ask

Neil Vermillion —  May 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

I will show you wondrous ideas and concepts as you come away with me. I will amaze, revive, and inspire your heart, but also your mind, as you begin to conceive and understand the wondrous mysteries of this life and all I have in store for you. I have invited you to dine from the table of my delicacies, and to do so frequently and consistently. I have invited you to partake of the goodness I have made freely available to you. So sit with me, but also dine with me, for I will fill you with wondrous emotions and ideas that will truly bring you delight upon delight. (1)

Surely there is an entertainment element to the visions I will show you. Surely there is an inspirational element to what you will behold. You will see the colors and manifestations of display as you receive what I have for you. But there is additional beauty that will be addressed, but also satisfied as you engage with me in the realms of revelation. For just as your eyes desire beauty of sight, so also your mind desires beauty of concept. As you engage with me I will bring your awareness more and more to that which is good and wholesome. I will strengthen your desire for righteousness, and enhance your curiosity and interest in all that is good for you. (2)

As you seek me in this manner you will not be disappointed, for there are many ideas that will stimulate your intellect and you will by no means be left lacking. I will present you with not just facts, but with understanding, interpretation, and application. I will direct your attention away from what is worthless as we begin to gaze upon and consider what is magnificent. In this practice you will surely grow in wisdom, but also in inspiration. Your heart will be whole as you are filled with the beauty and majesty of the revelation given you. You will not just enjoy the process by means of stimulation, but will also enjoy the process by the satisfaction from the glory of the ideas. This satisfaction will give way to distinct fulfillment spawning serious and considerable joy and happiness throughout your life. (3)

Just as I will present you with perspective and insight as I guide your attention to perceive and appreciate what you already know, have, and posses, so also I will present questions to you. I will activate a certain curiosity within you and you will become interested in what I am saying. I will activate a certain perspective within you, from which you will birth questions. As you continue to absorb, grow, and develop I will also continue to present you with new questions as well. With this, your pathway of growth, along with your scope of attention, will oftentimes be guided by the questions I ask you.

While you seek me for answers, and rightly so, know many times I will respond by giving you questions, for these questions will initiate a process, as they activate a quest. While the answer you seek is valuable and worthwhile, the quest itself will be especially valuable and worthwhile as well. Do not be disappointed, nor confused, as I present questions to you, for in doing so you will surely acquire more, not only in terms of knowledge, but also experience, than if I were to simply download the answers to you instantly.

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9
(2) Philippians 4:8
(3) John 15:11

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